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Entry #2


2008-03-20 03:44:27 by FlyingCC

Ok so I just posted a rant on the Foamy's Rants and it really did slam Uber Man 5000. Now don't get me wrong I wanted to slam him but I want to say that I am not here to do such things on a regular basis. There is a point where people who are so high strung need to get their jock straps snapped. What I am here for is to aid artists in perfecting their works and to start getting my works up. Also I need help from you all to get me started. As a serious artist I pride myself in my drawn work but I wouls like to get some Flash work under my belt. I am on the process of getting my hands on a serious Flash program and start a series with my fiancee Rahenne. I look forward to any help I can get and any help I can give to those who want it. Till then my reviews will be aimed at helping those pieces of work that need that little extra umph! to get going. Seriously cool to be a part of this community and I hope my works will be recieved well, don't sugar coat reviews. I want the review you really want to give me. Thank you for your time and I'll review you down the road.


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2008-03-20 16:00:28

I'd like to say my praise a little more to you but since im tired and sleepy i'll just say this: I'f there were more people like you, america would be the most perfect country in the world...People seem to be sooooo bitchey about things...honestly it's people like them that has made foamy what he rants about today(Thank god), It's not like foamy rants about sh*t for no reason, It's makes sense and it really reflects how somtimes annoying and retarded people can be...oh whoops heh i said a little more than i wanted to....but anyway it's cool to know that there are still some honest realistic people like you in the world... - God bless ya man God bless!

(Updated ) FlyingCC responds:

dThanks alot man, you see it as I do and I rarely give people that credit. Your compliment honors and humbles me, thank you. You are right about people though, they can get annoying and retarded. Wishin' you the best of luck with whatever you do.

Kyle (Aielruun)


2008-03-27 23:50:55

I didn't know military guys went to Newgrounds! lol, jk. Anyway, good luck on your Flash progress, I'll check out your work from time to time...
James, former AFSC 645X0

FlyingCC responds:

lol, still need to get a good program but im in the processes of it. 645x0 isnt an afsc im familiar with but ok cool. thanks for the message.